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Abbotsford Family Photographer: Sharpe Family

adriana bryce

I remember, 8 years ago, thinking and praying for a solid girlfriend to come into my path and so desiring a friend I could share lifes many journeys with. And then I met Aleks. She was a gift, and continues to be to this day.

I have treasured watching this family develop and grow. In maturity, wisdom, grace, and numbers. Capturing these three as they await their newest little one was a pleasure. Actually, it was almost too much sweetest to bare. Little Luca Joszef is quite the character!
We weren't sure if the weather would cooperate. But it was the perfect evening for a family portrait session. Saying goodbye to summer and anticipating fall, with all that it will bring.

Yale Town Engagement: Sam & Rachel

adriana bryce

Style. These two own it. But it's not their style and ridiculously good looks that turn heads, it's their passion. Passion for others, passion for adventure, passion and motivation to work hard and achieve their dreams (Rachel, almost having complete her MA of Counseling Physiology at TWU, and Sam, flying around the Globe for his modeling career). And most importantly, their passion for each other. Their love is legit! 

Take a look for yourselves...It's hard not to stare. 


Rachel & Sam, you two are such a blessing. I cannot wait to capture your beautiful wedding day. To see more photos click through the gallery below: